Senior Research Associate in the East Asia Program at Cornell University, the editor of the online Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus and of book series at Rowman and Littlefield, Lexington and Routledge publisher, and Emeritus Professor of Sociology and History at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Mark Selden

Book Series

Below find new and forthcoming titles in Mark Selden’s book series at Rowman and Littlefield, Routledge, Lexington, and M.E. Sharpe. I welcome proposals from you concerning your own prospective books and those of colleagues and associates.

Mark Selden is a senior research associate in the East Asia Program, Cornell University and a Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus available at


The War and Peace Library

The War and Peace Library will examine the nature and dynamics of war in all historical periods and in regional and comparative perspective. Works in the series will consider the logic of war, the scale of destruction, and the efforts to limit and end war that have long been central to the human agenda. Particular attention will be paid to the great wars of the twentieth century and their implications for the future, while recognizing their historical centrality to struggles for wealth, power, nationhood and human dignity.

  • Francis Boyle, Protesting Power: War, Resistance and Law
  • Robert Knox Dentan, Overwhelming Terror. Love, Fear, Peace, and Violence Among Semai of Malaysia
  • Dyan Mazurana, Angela Raven-Roberts and Jane Parpart, eds., Gender, Conflict and Peace Keeping
  • Gavan McCormack and Satoko Oka Norimatsu, Resistant Islands. Okinawa Confronts Japan and the United States.
  • Peter Dale Scott, The American War Machine. Deep Politics, the CIA Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan
  • Peter Dale Scott, Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina
  • Mark Selden and Alvin So, eds., War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth Century
  • Richard Tanter, Gerry van Klinken and Desmond Ball, eds., Masters of Terror: Indonesia's Military and Violence in East Timor 1999
  • Richard Tanter, Mark Selden and Stephen R. Shalom, eds., Bitter Flowers, Sweet Flowers: East Timor, Indonesia and the World Community
  • John Torpey, ed., Politics and the Past. On Repairing Historical Injustices.
  • Brian Victoria, Zen at War. 2nd expanded edition
  • Susan Wright, ed., Biological Warfare and Disarmament: New Problems/New Perspectives

Forthcoming volumes by Brian Victoria.


World Social Change


This series examines large-scale, long-term social change in the modern world. Focusing especially on the intersection of political economy, conflict, and social movements, authors in the series will utilize both micro- and macro-approaches. Books will explore multiple challenges and transformations facing national, regional, and global structures, hierarchies of inequality, and dominant social and cultural values.

  • Amiya Kumar Bagchi, Perilous Passage: Mankind through the global ascendancy of capital c. 1492-2003
  • Mohammed Bamyeh, Anarchy as Order. The History and Future of Civic Humanity
  • Joseph W. Esherick, Hasan Kayali and Eric Van Young, eds., Empire to Nation: Historical Perspectives on the Making of the Modern World
  • Geoffrey Gunn, First Globalization: The Eurasian Exchange, 1500-1800
  • Caglar Keyder, ed., Istanbul. Between the Global and the Local
  • Robert Marks, The Origins of the Modern World. A Global and Ecological
  • Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-first Century. 2nd edition
  • Robert Marks, The Origins of the Modern World. Fate and Fortune in the Rise of the West. Revised and updated edition
  • Robert Marks, China: Its Environment and History
  • Andrew Schwartz, The Politics of Greed: How Privatization Structured Politics in Central and Eastern Europe. Prologue by John Zysman
  • Dale Tomich, Through the Prism of Slavery. Labor, Capital and World Economy
  • John Torpey, Politics and the Past: On Repairing Historical Injustices




This series introduces new perspectives on Asia and the Pacific, historical and contemporary, offering local, regional and global perspectives on social, political, economic and cultural change.

  • Matthew Allen, Identity and Resistance in Okinawa
  • Borge Bakken, Comparative Perspectives on Crime and Policing in the People's Republic of China
  • Scot Barmé, Woman, Man, Bangkok: Love, Sex, and Popular Culture in Thailand
  • Anne-Marie Brady, Making the Foreign Serve China: Managing Foreigners in the People's Republic
  • Anne-Marie Brady, Marketing Dictatorship. Propaganda and Thought Work in Contemporary China
  • *Uradyn E. Bulag, Collaborative Nationalism. The Politics of Friendship on China’s Mongolian Frontier.
  • Uradyn E. Bulag, The Mongols at China's Edge: History and the Politics of National Unity
  • Anita Chan, Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet and Jonathan Unger, eds. Transforming Asian Socialism. China and Vietnam Compared
  • Woei Lien Chong, ed., China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: Master Narratives and Post-Mao Counternarratives
  • Nola Cooke and Li Tana, eds., Water Frontier: Commerce and the Chinese in the Lower Mekong Region, 1750-1880
  • Philip Cunningham, Tiananmen Moon. Inside the Chinese Student Uprising of 1989
  • Stephanie Hemelrych Donald, Little Friends: Children's Film and Media Culture in China
  • Harriet Evans, The Subject of Gender: Daughters and Mothers in Urban China
  • Feng Chongyi and David Goodman, eds., North China at War: The Social Ecology of Revolution, 1937-1945
  • Gerald Figal, Beachheads. War, Peace, and Tourism in Postwar Okinawa.
  • David Goodman, Social and Political Change in Revolutionary China: The Taihang Base Area in the War of Resistance to Japan, 1937-1945
  • Laura Hein and Mark Selden, eds., Islands of Discontent: Okinawan Responses to Japanese and American Power
  • Brett Hinsch, Women in Early Imperial China
  • Philip C. C. Huang, Chinese Civil Justice, Past and Present.
  • T.M. Thomas Isaac and Richard Franke, Local Democracy and Development: The Kerala People's Campaign for Decentralized Planning
  • Jackie Kim, Hidden Treasures. Lives of First-Generation Korean Women in Japan
  • Heonik Kwon and Byungho Chung, North Korea: Beyond Charismatic Politics.
  • Hy Van Luong, ed., Postwar Vietnam: Dynamics of a Transforming Society
  • Angus McIntyre, The Indonesian Presidency: Sukarno, Soeharto, Megawati and the Shift From Personal Toward Constitutional Rule
  • Brian McVeigh, Nationalisms of Japan: Managing and Mystifying Identity
  • Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Exodus to North Korea: Shadows From Japan’s Cold War
  • Tessa Morris-Suzuki, To the Diamond Mountains. A Hundred-Year Journey Through China and Korea
  • Paul Pickowicz and Yingjin Zhang, eds., From Underground to Independent. Alternative Film Culture in Contemporary China
  • Nicola Piper and Mina Roces, eds., Wife or Worker? Asian Women and
  • Migration
  • Raka Ray and Mary Katzenstein, eds., Social Movements in India: Poverty, Power and Politics
  • Sven Saaler and Christopher W. A. Szpilman, eds., Pan Asianism: A Documentary History. Vol. 1, 1859-1920, Vol. 2, 1920-Present.
  • Laurence Schneider, Biology and Revolution in Twentieth-Century China
  • Gi-Wook Shin and Kyong Moon Hwang, eds., Contentious Kwangju: The May 18th Uprising in Korea's Past and Present
  • Yu Zhou, The Inside Story of China’s Hi-Tech Industry: Making Silicon Valley in Beijing

Forthcoming volumes by Leonard Blussé, Stephanie Hurtgen/Boy Luethje/Wilhelm Schumm & Martina Sproll, and Dong Wang.


Asian Voices


Introducing compelling and rarely heard voices, this series will center on biography, autobiography, memoir, and reportage by and about Asian and Pacific peoples. Readers will find contemporary women and men, ethnic minorities, farmers and fisherfolk, workers, migrants, the new rich and the dispossessed, writers, artists, intellectuals, politician and prophets, iconoclasts, and activists. These are individuals who are shaping and/or resisting the outcomes of intense social change-local, regional, and global. The humanity and diversity of these distinctive voices and experiences will appeal to students and scholars with interests ranging from area studies to gender, the environment, human rights, and social movements.

  • Herbert Batt, ed. and trans., Tales of Tibet: Sky Burials, Prayer Wheels, and Wind Horses. Foreword by Tsering Shakya
  • Claire Conceison, Voices Carry. Behind Bars and Backstage During China’s Revolution and Reform
  • Gloria Davies, ed., Voicing Concerns: Contemporary Chinese Critical Inquiry. Conclusion by Geremie Barmé
  • Mikiso Hane, Peasants, Rebels, Women and Outcastes: The Underside of Modern Japan
  • Rosa Maria Henson, Comfort Woman. A Filipina's Story of Prostitution and Slavery Under the Japanese Military. Introd. Yuki TANAKA
  • Ienaga Saburo, Japan's Past, Japan's Future. One Historian's Oddyssey. Tr. By Richard Minear
  • Masako Itoh. I’m Married to Your Company. Everyday Voices of Japanese Women. Edited and translated by Nobuko Adachi and James Stanlaw
  • Megan Jennaway, Sisters and Lovers: Women and Desire in Bali
  • Hok Bun Ku, Moral Politics in a South Chinese Village: Responsibility, Reciprocity and Resistance
  • Richard H. Minear, Japan's Past, Japan's Future: One Historian's Odyssey.
  • Richard H. Minear, The Scars of War: Tokyo During World War II. Writings of Takeyama Michio
  • Richard H. Minear, War and Conscience in Japan: Nambara Shigeru and the Asia-Pacific War
  • Vasant Moon, Growing Up Untouchable in India. A Dalit Autobiography. Tr. Gail Omvedt. Introd. Eleanor Zelliot
  • Oiwa Keibo, Rowing the Eternal Sea: The Story of a Minamata Fisherman, Tr. By Karen Colligan-Taylor
  • Mark McLelland, ed., Queer Japan from the Pacific War to the Internet Age
  • Jing-Bao Nie, Behind the Silence: Chinese Voices on Abortion
  • Judy Polumbaum, China Ink. The Changing Face of Chinese Journalism
  • Patricia Sieber, ed., Red is Not the Only Color. Contemporary Chinese Fiction on Love, Friendship and Sex Between Women. Collected Stories
  • Scott Simon, Sweet and Sour. Life-Worlds of Taipei Women Entrepreneurs
  • Sodei Rinjiro, Dear General MacArthur: Letters from the Japanese During the American Occupation. Foreword John Dower
  • SUH Sung, Unbroken Spirits: Nineteen Years in the South Korea's Gulag. Tr. Jean Inglis. Foreword James Palais
  • Carolyn Wakeman and San San Tin, No Time for Dreams. Living in Burma Under Military Rule
  • Sun Wanning, Leaving China: Media, Mobility and Transnational Imagination
  • Sasha Welland, A Thousand Miles of Dreams: The Journeys of Two Chinese Sisters
  • Benny Widyono, Dancing in Shadows: Sihanouk, the Khmer Rouge and the United Nations in Cambodia


AsiaWorld [Lexington Books]


  • Ole Bruun, Precious Steppe: Mongolian Nomadic Pastoralists in the Age of the Market
  • Robert Jacobs, ed., Filling the Hole in the Nuclear Future: Art and Popular Culture Respond to the Bomb
  • Samuel Leiter, Rising From the Flames. The Rebirth of Theater in Occupied Japan 1945-1952.
  • Mark Lincicome, Imperial Subjects As Global Citizens. Nationalism, Internationalism and Education in Japan
  • *Katharine Lynch, Robert Marks and Paul G. Pickowicz, eds., Radicalism, Revolution and Reform in Modern China: Essays in Honor of Maurice Meisner
  • Mark McLelland, Katsuhiko Suganuma, and Jamese Walker, eds., Queer Voices From Japan: First Person Narratives From Japan’s Sexual Minorities
  • Ishimure Michiko, Lake of Heaven. An Original Translation of the Japanese Novel. Bruce Allen trans.
  • Yoon Jung Park, A Matter of Honour. Being Chinese in South Africa.
  • Binayak Ray, Water: The Looming Crisis in India
  • Klaus Schlichtmann, Japan in the World. Shidehara Kijuro, Pacifism and the Abolition of War. 2 Vols.
  • Douglas Slaymaker, ed., Yoko Tawada: Voices from Everywhere
  • Philip Taylor, ed., Modernity and Re-Enchantment. Religion in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam
  • Ardeth Thawnghmung, The “Other” Karen in Myanmar. Ethnic Minorities and the Struggle Without Arms
  • Hisako Tsurushima. Tommy’s Sunset
  • Dong Wang, China’s Unequal Treaties. Narrating National History
  • Hong-key Yoon, The Culture of Fengshui in Korea

Forthcoming books by Kwok-shing Chan, Maziar Falarti and others.





Asia's Transformations


The books in this series explore the political, social, economic and cultural consequences of Asia's twentieth century transformations and look toward their impact on the twenty first century. The series emphasizes the tumultuous interplay of local, national, regional and global forces as Asia bids to become the hub of the world economy. While focusing on the contemporary, it also looks back to analyze the antecedents of Asia's contested rise.

  • Nobuko Adachi, ed. Japanese Diasporas: Unsung Pasts, Conflicting Presents and Uncertain Futures
  • Tomoko Akami, The United States, Japan and the Institute of Pacific Relations in War and Peace, 1919-1945. Foreword Akira Iriye
  • Matthew Allen & Rumi Sakamoto, Inside-Out Japan: popular culture and globalisation
  • Tomoko Aoyama & Barbara Hartley, eds., Girl Reading Girl in Japan.
  • Giovanni Arrighi, Takeshi Hamashita and Mark Selden, eds. The Resurgence of East Asia: 500, 150 and 50 Year Perspectives
  • Charles Armstrong, ed., Korean Society. Civil Society, Democracy and
  • the State.2nd editition
  • Mark Berger, The Battle for Asia: From Decolonization to Globalization
  • Davinder Bhowmik, Writing Okinawa. Narrative Acts of Identity and Resistance
  • Birgit Braüchler, Reconciling Indonesia. Grassroots Agency for Peace
  • Adrian Buzo, The Making of Modern Korea. A History
  • Chien-min Chao and Bruce Dickson, eds., Remaking the Chinese State:
  • Strategies, Society and Security
  • Mark Caprio and Yoneyuki Sugita, eds., Democracy in Occupied Japan. The U.S. Occupation and the Japanese Politics and Society
  • Gene Cooper, The Market and Temple Fairs in Rural China.
  • Manali Desai, State Formation and Practices of Democracy in India
  • Susan Engel, The World Bank and the Post-Washington Consensus in Vietnam and Indonesia: Inheritance of Loss
  • Jacob Eyferth, ed., How China Works: Perspectives on the Twentieth Century Chinese Workplace
  • John Feffer, ed., The Future of US-Korean Relations
  • Peter Hayes Gries and Stanley Rosen, Chinese Politics. State, society and the market
  • Haldun Gulalp, ed., Citizenship and Ethnic Conflict; Challenging the Nation-State
  • Peter Gries and Stanley Rosen, eds., State & Society in 21st Century China: Crisis, Contention, and Legitimation
  • Emily Hannum and Albert Park, eds., Education and Reform in China
  • Kimie Hara and Geoffrey Jukes, eds., Northern Territories, Asia-Pacific Regional Conflicts and the Aland Experience. Untying the Kurillian Knot
  • Peter Ho, ed., Developmental Dilemmas. Land Reform and Institutional Change in China.
  • Hue-Tam Ho Tai and Mark Sidel, eds., State, Society and the Market in Contemporary Vietnam. Property, power and values.
  • You-tien Hsing & Ching Kwan Lee, eds., Reclaiming Chinese Society. The New Social Activism
  • Yarong JIANG and David Ashley, Mao's Children in the New China. Voices From the Red Guard Generation. Introd. Stanley Rosen
  • Hong Kal, Aesthetic Constructions of Korean Nationalism. Spectacle, Politics and History.
  • Jeffrey Kingston, Japan's Quiet Transformation: Social Change and Civil Society in the 21st Century
  • Agnes Ku and Ngai Pun, eds., Remaking citizenship in Hong Kong. Community, Nation and the Global City
  • Chin-chuan Lee, ed., Chinese Media: Global Contexts
  • Ching Kwan Lee, ed. Working in China: Ethnographies of Labor and Workplace Transformation
  • Samuel Liang, Mapping Modernity in Shanghai. Space, Gender, and Visual Culture in the Sojourners’ City, 1853-1898.
  • Colin Mackerras, ed., Ethnicity in Asia: A Comparative Introduction
  • Noah McCormack, Japan’s Outcaste Abolition: The Struggle for National Inclusion and the Making of the Modern State.
  • Edward McDonald, Learning Chinese, Turning Chinese: Challenges to Becoming Sinophone in a Globalised Word
  • Mark McLelland & Romit Dasgupta, Genders, Transgenders, and Sexualities in Japan
  • Michael Molasky, The American Occupation of Japan and Okinawa. Literature and Memory
  • Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Morris Low, Leonid Petrov and Timothy Y. Tsu, East Asia Beyond the History Wars: Confronting the Ghosts of Violence.
  • Tak-Wing Ngo, ed., Hong Kong's History. State and Society Under Colonial Rule
  • Jing-bao Nie, Nanyan Guo, Mark Selden and Arthur Kleinman, eds., Japan’s Wartime Medical Atrocities. Comparative Inquiries in Science, History and Ethics
  • Nissim Otmazgin and Eyal Ben-Ari, eds., Popular Culture and the State in East and Southeast Asia.
  • Elizabeth Perry and Mark Selden, eds., Chinese Society. Change, Conflict and Resistance. 3rd edition
  • Dudley L. Poston, Chiung-Fang Chang, Sherry L. McKibben, Carol S. Walther, and Che-Fu Lee, eds., Fertility, Family Planning and Population Control in China
  • Lily Rahim, Singapore in the Malay World: Building and Breaching Regional Bridges
  • Boike Rehbein, Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos
  • Sonia Ryang, ed., North Koreans in Japan. Critical Voices From the Margin
  • Sven Saaler and J. Victor Koschmann, eds., Pan-Asianism in Modern Japanese History
  • Fang-long Shih, Stuart Thompson and Paul Tremlett, eds. Re-writing Culture in Taiwan
  • Douglas Slaymaker, The Body in Postwar Japanese Fiction
  • Yul Sohn, Japanese Industrial Governance: Protectionism and the Licensing State
  • Ryoko Tsuneyoshi, Kaori H. Okano and Sarane Spence Boocock, Minorities and Education in Multicultural Japan. An interactive perspective
  • Wanning Sun, Maid in China: media, morality and the cultural politics of boundaries.
  • Yuki Tanaka, Japan's Comfort Women: Sexual Slavery and Prostitution During World War II and the U.S. Occupation
  • Nicholas Tarling, Imperialism in Southeast Asia
  • Carl Trocki, Opium, Empire and the Global Political Economy. A Study of the Asian Opium Trade 1750-1950
  • Peter Van Ness, Debating Human Rights. Critical Essays From the United States and Asia
  • Peter Van Ness and Melvin Gurtov, eds., Confronting the Bush Doctrine. Critical Views from the Asia-Pacific
  • Norton Wheeler, Role of American NGOs in China’s Modernization
  • David Blake Willis and Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, Transcultural Japan: At the Borderlands of Race, Gender and Identity
  • Philip Williams and Yenna Wu, eds. Remolding and Resistance Among Writers of the Chinese Prison Camp
  • Haiping Yan, Modern Chinese Women Writers and the Feminist Imagination, 1905-1948
  • Souchou Yao, Singapore: The State and the Culture of Excess
  • Brian Yecies and Ae-Gyung Shim, Korea’s Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948. The Untold History of the Film Industry
  • Peter Zarrow, China in War and Revolution, 1895-1945

Forthcoming volumes by Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Morris Low, Leonid Petrov and Timothy Y. Tsu, and by Ian Wilson.


  • Jens Damm and Simona Thomas, eds., Chinese Cyberspaces: Technological changes and political effects
  • Nanette Gottlieb and Mark McClelland, eds., Japanese Cybercultures
  • Larissa Hjorth, Mobile Media in the Asia Pacific. Gender and the Art of
  • Being Mobile
  • K.C. Ho, Randy Kluver and C.C. Yang, eds., The Internet and Asia
  • T.J.M. Holden & Timothy Scrase, Medi@sia: Communication In Society And Cultural Context
  • Krishna Sen and David Hill, Internet and Democracy in Indonesia
  • Paola Voci. China on Video. Smaller-screen realities

Forthcoming works by Larissa Hjorth and Michael Arnold


Asia's Great Cities


Each volume aims to capture the heartbeat of the contemporary city from multiple perspectives emblematic of the authors own deep familiarity with the distinctive faces of the city, its history, society, culture, politics and economics, and its evolving position in national, regional and global frameworks. While most volume emphasize urban developments since the Second World War, some pay close attention to the legacy of the longue durée in shaping the contemporary. Thematic and comparative volumes address such themes as urbanization, economic and financial linkages, architecture and space, wealth and power, gendered relationships, planning and anarchy, and ethnographies in national and regional perspective.

  • Marc Askew, Bangkok: Space, Place & Representation
  • Marc Askew, William S. Logan and Colin Long. Vientiane. Transformations of a Lao Landscape
  • Swati Chattopadhyay, Representing Calcutta: Modernity, Nationalism and the Colonial Uncanny
  • Stephen Chiu & Lui Tai-lok, Hong Kong: Becoming a Chinese Global City
  • James Heitzman, The City in South Asia
  • Donald Seekins, State and Society in Modern Rangoon
  • Ravi Sundaram, Pirate Modernity: Delhi’s Media Urbanism
  • Carl Trocki, Singapore: Wealth, Power and the Culture of Control
  • Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Global Shanghai: 1850-2010. A History in Fragments
  • Tim Winter, Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism: Tourism, Politics and Development at Angkor


Critical Asian Scholarship


The series is intended to showcase the most important contributions to scholarship in Asian Studies. Each of the volumes by a leading Asian scholar addresses themes that are central to his or her most significant and lasting contribution to the field. The series, committed to the rich variety of research and writing on Asia, particularly welcomes comparative, theoretical and regional approaches in a variety of disciplines.

  • Timothy Brook, The Chinese State in Ming Society
  • Paul Cohen, China Unbound: Evolving Perspectives on the Chinese Past
  • Prasenjit Duara, The Global and Regional in Chinas Nation-Formation
  • Patricia Ebrey, Women and the Family in Chinese History
  • Takeshi Hamashita. Edited by Mark Selden and Linda Grove, China, East Asia and the Global Economy. Regional and Historical Perspectives
  • George McT. Kahin, Southeast Asia: A Testament. Foreword Walter LaFeber
  • James C. Scott, Decoding Subaltern Politics
  • Vaclav Smil, China's Past, China's Future
  • Richard Smith, Mapping China

Forthcoming work by Francesca Bray





Asia and the Pacific


The books in this series explore multiple dimensions of social change in the most dynamic and contested region of the world economy in the long twentieth century. The series invites contributions that probe political, economic, strategic, social and cultural change including those that highlight attempts by the United States, Japan and China to shape the character of the region and social movements that have contested those attempts.

  • Rene Barendse, Arabian Seas. The Indian Ocean World in the Seventeenth Century
  • Lucien Bianco, Peasants Without the Party. Conflict and Resistance in Twentieth Century China
  • Anita Chan, China's Workers Under Assault: Exploitation and Abuse in a Globalizing Economy
  • David Earhart, Certain Victory. Images of World War II in the Japanese Media
  • Laura Hein and Mark Selden, eds. Living With the Bomb. American and Japanese Cultural Conflicts in the Nuclear Age
  • Laura Hein and Mark Selden, eds., Censoring History. Citizenship and Memory in Japan, Germany and the United States
  • Kaneko Fumiko, The Prison Memoirs of a Japanese Woman. Tr. Jean Inglis, Intro. Mikiso Hane
  • Wai-man Lam, Understanding the Political Culture of Hong Kong: The Paradox of Activism and Depoliticization
  • Hua LAN and Vanessa Fong, eds., Women in Republican China. A Sourcebook. Introd. Christina Gilmartin
  • Greg O'Leary, ed., Adjusting to Capitalism. Chinese Workers and the State
  • Yok-shiu Lee and Alvin So, eds., Asia's Environmental Movements. Comparative Perspectives
  • Xiaobo Lu and Elizabeth Perry, eds., Danwei. The Changing Chinese Workplace in Historical and Comparative Perspective
  • Gavan McCormack, The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence. Introd. Norma Field (2nd edition)
  • Joe Moore, ed., The Other Japan: Conflict, Compromise and Resistance Since 1945
  • Tessa Morris-Suzuki. Reinventing Japan. Time, Space, Nation
  • Elizabeth Perry, Challenging the Mandate of Heaven: Popular Protest in China
  • Carl Riskin, Renwei Zhao and Shi Li, eds., China's Retreat from Equality: Income Distribution and Economic Transition
  • Hiroaki Sato, Japanese Women Poets. An Anthology
  • Kyoko and Mark Selden, The Atomic Bomb: Voices From Hiroshima and
  • Nagasaki. Foreword Robert Lifton
  • James Seymour and Richard Anderson, New Ghosts Old Ghosts. Prisons and Labor Reform Camps in China
  • Alvin So, ed., China's Developmental Miracle. Origins, Transformations and Challenges
  • Jonathan Unger, The Transformation of Rural China
  • Eduard Vermeer, Frank Pieke, and Woei Lien Chong, eds., Cooperative and Collective in China's Rural Development. Between State and Private Interests
  • Wang Shaoguang and Hu Angang, The Political Economy of Uneven Development. The Case of China
  • Haiping Yan, ed., Theatre and Society. An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama
  • David Zweig, Freeing China's Farmers. Rural Restructuring in the Reform Era


Recently off press by the series editor:


  • Takeshi Hamashita. Edited by Mark Selden and Linda Grove, China, East Asia and the Global Economy. Regional and Historical Perspectives
  • Giovanni Arrighi, Takeshi Hamashita and Mark Selden, eds., The Resurgence of East Asia: Five hundred, one hundred fifty and fifty year perspectives. Routledge
  • Jing-bao Nie, Nanyan Guo, Mark Selden and Arthur Kleinman, eds., Japan’s Wartime Medical Atrocities. Comparative Inquiries in Science, History and Ethics
  • Elizabeth Perry and Mark Selden, eds. Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance. 3rd edition. Routledge
  • Mark Selden and Alvin So, eds., War and State Terror: The United States, Japan and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth Century. Rowman and Littlefield
  • Edward Friedman, Paul G. Pickowicz and Mark Selden, Revolution, Resistance and Reform in Village China. Yale
  • Laura Hein and Mark Selden, eds., Islands of Discontent. Okinawa Responses to American and Japanese Power. Rowman and Littlefield


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